CarolinaZoom is a video and audio production company, based in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina.

Headed by two National Emmy Award winning journalists, we offer your Newsroom or Corporation, expertise backed by more than 50 years of network  and local news experience.

We are equipped with state of the art gear.

From video cameras to lighting, remote sets, editing, jibs and dollies, etc,  CarolinaZoom is ready to make your project visually stimulating, clear and concise. Lighting is our passion and “forte”.

We promise you a memorable and pleasant experience!

Whatever video format you desire, we are ready to meet your demands and exceed your expectations!

Do you need aerials? Our drone operator is an expert and an artist.

News coverage / Live TV / Documentaries / Magazine Shows / Full Remote Anchor Set / Marketing Campaigns / Satellite & Fiber Transmission / Worldwide Video Conferencing / Corporate Training Videos /  Corporate Presentations / Training videos for the Military and L.E.

You name it, we will produce it.

We are available to travel the globe, anywhere, anytime!

CarolinaZoom’s D.P. is fluent  and / or proficient in 8 languages;  English, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, French (including Creole), German, and Italian.


CarolinaZoom is ready to consult with you in order to improve any number of areas in your newsroom, including studio and ENG lighting, reporting, anchoring, hosting, newsroom optimization, teleprompter training and delivery.

Entering the political arena or running for re-election?

Let us put your video campaign together. We have been involved in Presidential political campaigns since 1988.

We know how to do it.

In whatever area you believe your company needs to improve, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Do you need a satellite uplink for your news live shot or your corporate video conference?  We’ll handle that too!   We can produce, shoot, write, edit and uplink your story.

We’re “one stop shopping”.  If needed, we’ll provide “on camera” or voice work talent as well.

Our Studio is also equipped with high speed fiber video transmission / receiving. Worldwide…24/7.

Together with a national company on the cutting edge of telecommunications, we have the capability to instantly stream, via e-mail, your commercials, tutorials, training sessions, etc. A major technical advance in the industry!

No download time … your product is one click away from your potential clients.

Your message is one click away from your staff or your target audiences.

Use your imagination and then allow CarolinaZoom to bring it to life!

Whatever your television or audio needs are, please give us a call.

Eager to discuss your project. Let us tell your story.

We’re on the ready, one phone call or one e-mail away !